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They couldn't believe that after so many failed attempts at capturing him, and all the damage he had done, that he would fall this easy. Virtually the entire female population of the village had become their sex slaves, and they were showing that off by deliberately taking the longest route possible. It only took a few seconds for the ninjas to catch on and react, but in those few seconds over half of their forces were wiped out. They went after those who weren't falling prey to the zetsus and their traps. But only when he's captured and brought in. They were all defeated with ease, now they were being forced to watch as every girl they ever cared about was raped in front of them, by white skinned freaks that not only had bigger dicks than them, but could also last infinitely longer, keep cumming without limits, and easily make the women squeal in ways they never could.

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Naruto was shocked to awaken to find two younger girls having sex with him, but he embraced them, held them tightly, kissed them passionately, and thrust into their pussies.

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And as soon as the girls were in the zetsus began grabbing and molesting them. Realizing it was a trap, they tried to double back, but another cage door slammed shut, blocking their way and trapping them inside. The zetsu then revealed their plan to keep fucking them endlessly, and make them give birth over and over to replace all the zetsus that were killed. Any woman who resists will be tortured until she breaks. They went through the village's secret files to discover every last secret passage in and out of the village. When Hinata finished, she got off of him, gasping for air, and happier than she'd been in a long time. As that zetsu raped Tenten, others came in to retrieve Tsunade, Sakura and Hinata, whom he was already done with.

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